Welcome to Crime Stoppers


Welcome to Durham Regional Crime Stoppers

Submit Submit Tips reporting crime - ANONYMOUSLY

Welcome to Durham Regional Crime Stoppers

  Our Mission Statement

At Durham Regional Crime Stoppers, it is our goal to maintain a program, across Durham Region, in order to solicit information from ANONYMOUS  sources with the intention of solving crimes, preventing criminal activities and educating the communities within Durham Region.



Submit Submit Tips reporting crime - ANONYMOUSLY

Welcome to Durham Regional Crime Stoppers

Your identity is important to us and we will do everything it takes to keep our sources anonymous. 

 "Durham Regional Crime Stoppers does not use telephone call display and does not track identifiers of mobile or internet tipsters.

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled tipsters remain anonymous.  Only a judge issuing a judicial authorization could order a tipster be identified.  This has very restricted usage in Canadian law.

Any tipster that missuses Crime Stoppers to further criminal or illegal activity will not be protected by the anonymous guarantee."

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Anonymity makes the difference.



Submit Submit Tips reporting crime - ANONYMOUSLY

Submit Submit Tips reporting crime - ANONYMOUSLY

Submit Submit Tips reporting crime - ANONYMOUSLY

Crime Stoppers is a Not for Profit Organization which relies on the funding and donations of money, goods or services. 

If you are interested in assisting this cause, please contact us at

We have also partnered with Canada Helps therefore, if you wish to contribute through this organization please contact

Canada Helps 

How Did Crime Stoppers get started...

What you need to know...


Crime Stoppers was the brainchild of  Canadian-born Greg MacAleese, a Detective with the Albuquerque Police  Department in New Mexico. In 1976, Greg had run out of leads in a  homicide investigation and out of frustration had appealed to the public  for assistance. He went so far as to produce the first crime  re-enactment, which aired on local television, and was also made  available for radio and the press. Anyone providing information  regarding this murder was to be eligible for a cash reward.

Within  hours of the broadcast, an individual called in valuable information  that resulted in the arrest and conviction of two suspects who were  sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.

The  growth has been dramatic, with Crime Stoppers programs implemented in  more than 1,200 communities worldwide. In November 1982, Calgary became  the first Canadian city to start the program, followed by Hamilton in  1983. Hamilton was the first city in Ontario to implement the program  and there are currently over 112 programs across Canada with 38 programs  in Ontario.

In 1986 the Crime  Stoppers Program was started in Durham and became part of the Toronto  and Regional Crime Stoppers Boards (TRCSB) made up of Metro Toronto, Peel,  York and Durham. Each region had its own board with representation on  the TRCSB. In 1989 Durham Regional Crime Stoppers obtained its own Charter  and Not For Profit status and resigned from the Toronto and Region  Crime Stoppers Board.


The Board

A  group of community-minded citizens comprise the volunteer Board of  Directors. The Board is responsible for the administration and operation  of the Crime Stoppers program in Durham Region.

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did you know....


"School Liaison Officers" In Our Schools

With the challenges students, teachers and  parents face in our schools today, the Durham Regional Police "School Liaison Officers" are  dedicated to elementary and secondary schools.  The Officers are available to assist students and teachers in educating that there is a  place where they can report inappropriate or illegal activity  anonymously, and without fear of repercussion.