Human Trafficking on the increase in Durham


CRIME STOPPERS would like to remind the citizens of Durham Region of the increased number of incidents related to Human Trafficking.

Often referred to as “domestic sex trafficking”, there are numerous victims who are being forced into situations because of threats of violence and physical and psychological intimidation.  

 In 2019, the Durham Regional Police Human Trafficking Unit provided support to 114 domestic sex trafficking survivors and laid 297 criminal charges. They have reported a 94% increase in Human Trafficking incidents since 2018. This increase has been attributed to several proactive initiatives and collaborations with many external partners.   

Durham Regional Crime Stoppers is now offering a minimum reward of $1000 for any tip that leads to arrest involving Human Trafficking.

Remember: CRIME doesn’t pay but Crime Stoppers does.  Call us toll free at 1-800-222-(TIPS) 8477 OR visit our website to submit your tip   

If you  have submitted a tip click here for the status of your tip, you will need your tracking number...

Members of the Durham Region Human Trafficking Coalition encourage citizens to visit the website

 Human Trafficking Hotline

905-579-1520 ext 4888





Durham Regional Crime Stoppers Still Issuing Cash Rewards


As many of you may have heard, Toronto Crime Stoppers recently announced they would be suspending payment of cash rewards beginning this year. Funds previously used for rewards will instead go to areas in the city impacted by crime. 

Members of the public are reminded that this project is happening exclusively in Toronto and all other Canadian Crime Stoppers programs, including Durham, continue to offer the availability of cash rewards which are approved by volunteer Crime Stoppers Boards.

According to the Canadian Crime Stoppers Association, the foundation of Crime Stoppers is to protect the anonymity of the tipster.  To encourage the public to report information on criminal activity both proactively and reactively.  Crime Stoppers programs offer the availability of cash rewards up to $2,000.  

Not all tipsters are motivated by the availability of a reward, and many report crime believing it is their civic responsibility. The reward still offers motivation for many people calling in with useful information.


Methamphetamine Initiative Announced by OACS


The OACS has been working with members of the Ontario Provincial Police to bring increased awareness and education to the growing issue of Methamphetamine use.

The OPP has identified an increase in the use, trafficking, importation and production of methamphetamine in Ontario. Methamphetamine has permeated into every one of our communities. The prevalence of methamphetamine is expected to continue to grow due to its accessibility and demand. 

The production, distribution and use of methamphetamine has a serious impact on community safety; leading to an increase in a wide spectrum of violent and property crimes – usually in concert with criminal organizations.

The OPP has recognized a steady increase in methamphetamine occurrences, including the dismantling of laboratories and seizures. Seizures of methamphetamine have increased from 15 occurrences where methamphetamine was seized in 2015, rising to 890 in 2018. 

Regardless of the investigation, methamphetamine remains one of the most consistent commodities seized by police and is increasing in popularity Health Canada Reports so far in 2019, the most common drug identified by Health Canada’s Drug Analysis Service (drugs that have been seized and sent by Canadian law enforcement agencies) is methamphetamine. It was present in over 25% of exhibits (7,497 of 29,204 exhibits) submitted Canada-wide.

Additionally, Canada Border Services Agency has reported a 333% increase in methamphetamine seizures from 2017-2018.

Law enforcement has identified an increase in the use, trafficking, importation and production of methamphetamine in Ontario.   It is highly addictive and available.   If you see any of the indicators listed on the poster, please notify the police or Crime Stoppers



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If you have submitted a tip, click here to check the status of your tip, you will need your tracking number